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How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

by oth - July 24th, 2013

green-wedding1With the environment being faced by threats and pollutants everyday, the last thing you want is for happiest day to be also the day that contributes an extra blow on the ecosystem. Fortunately it is now easier to plan an eco-friendly wedding. More importantly, having a green wedding can be equally enjoyable as having the conventional one. The satisfaction of the event is added by the quite and proud acknowledgement that you have done something that has benefits that stretch wide from the one special day.

So, how do you go about planning an eco-friendly wedding? Which aspects of the wedding needs to be eco-friendly and where are you most likely to find the greatest challenges when aiming to go green? Finding answers to these questions is one step into planning a green wedding.

Ideally, every detail of the wedding, from the sending of invitation to flying to your honeymoon destination, has very great potential in contributing to the green campaign. You should for instance consider sending online invitations as opposed to sending out printed ones. Such a simple  action would have saved paper clutter (think trees), ink cartridges (think electronic waste) and the fuel that would have been used in transporting the invitations to far-flung destinations.

Wedding attires is another area where you should not overlook if you are aiming for a green wedding. Whether it is the bridesmaid dresses or the mother of the bride dresses, make sure you insist on fabrics made from organic fibre. A better idea would be to forget about new wedding dresses altogether and do with a hired gown. It may not be the most romantic idea, but think about it. You are doing this for Mother Nature. If you do have to get brand new dresses for your wedding, consider the green providers that only use eco-friendly fabric. Consider the dresses from the Green Guide, who provide such dresses at low prices.  They also provide similar dresses for the guests and mothers, and the prices are very low too. So do visit their website and let them help you save the environment as well as hundreds of dollars.

The rings you exchange during the nuptials should also be taken into consideration. They need to have been forged from an environmentally-friendly material and in a sustainable way. Enquire from the jeweller about the origin of the material used to make the ring. If possible only purchase rings from recast precious metals. Alternatively, just like with the wedding dresses, if you can find vintage wedding rings, the greater the effort you would have played towards conserving the eco-system.

Hopefully, you have already made the right decisions up to this point. Every dress including the mother of the bride dresses is rented or made from organic materials. It is now time to think about the wedding logistics. How you choose to get the supplies and services for your wedding can have a great impact on the ecosystem. Sourcing locally will cut not only on the transport costs but also on the fuel pollutants escaping to the atmosphere.

If you are serious about going green during your wedding, you may also, through the invitations, encourage your guests to bring only eco-friendly wedding gifts.

Finally, think about the location. You have taken a lot of sacrifices and efforts to organize a green wedding, why not choose a venue to match your ideas? Suburban parks and gardens will make for perfect green wedding venues. And don’t forget about the honeymoon. After you put down your immaculate wedding dress make sure you promote ecotourism while thinking about your honeymoon.

How to Avoid Environmental Pollution

by oth - March 15th, 2013

Environmental PollutionEnvironmental pollution is one of the major causes of the major variety of diseases in our planet. Fever and flue, coughs and cold, allergies, and the likes have been experienced by everyone as the environment has become filled with dirt and dust. Apart from that, illegal activities made by mankind is slowly devastating our natural resources as well, making our environment become an unsecured place to settle in. In order to avoid these health issues, here are simple ways to avoid environmental pollution:

  1. Walk, ride the public transport, ride bike, or buy hybrid cars if you dream of inhaling fresh and clean air until you’re the next generation leave this world. Car exhausts, one of the major contributors of carbon dioxide, should be minimized, and, in order to do that, we should find ways to minimize the usage of carbon dioxide. You can also opt to walk to your destination for quick errands if it’s short distance or ride a bike to your pal for a quick chat. Furthermore, excessive use of cigarettes and tobaccos can also harm the air around us and it can also harm the people around us as well.
  2. Minimizing the presence of factories, tanneries, and other companies that emit poisonous gases in the air can also help greatly in the reduction of air pollution. Aside from that, growing different kinds of plants at home and in nearby surroundings may help trap carbon dioxide in their leaves. They will then give off oxygen to the air, which is essential to our health but unnecessary to their life cycle. Furthermore, plants can make the air feel cooler, so it helps lessen the alarming heat caused by global warming.
  3. When cleaning garbage, make sure to identify which ones are not allowed for burning. Plastics, cartons, and other similar items are not advisable to be burnt because these produce harmful by-products to the air.
  4. Avoid throwing your waste into any body of water like lakes, rivers, and ponds. These can contaminate these spots, which can kill various underwater species including adult and baby fishes. Furthermore, this can even contaminate certain sources of water leading to residential and commercial buildings. In other words, we will not be harming underwater species alone as we can also harm ourselves by doing so.
  5. Turn of all unused appliances at home, especially the lighting system. Lights can emit fossil fuels to the environment, which can contribute to the increase of these substances in its surroundings and the increase of electricity consumption as well.

Ways of Taking Care the Environment

by oth - February 10th, 2013

taking care of the environmentOur environment is one of the most important things that we should take care of. It is the only place where we can live and the only place where we can rear our children and rear their children in the future as well. Therefore, it is deem necessary for us to take good care of our mother nature; if we still wish to enjoy the beauty that it has. Nowadays, due to the fast modernizations of the world, we can already experienced different after-effects of all those factories and technology-related activities.

As early as now, we have to stop for a while and ponder on the things we made, which destruct the environment, and what will be the things that we can do to take good care of this planet earth. To this respect, we have to learn ways that we can do every day and which can be a good deal in taking good care of our place. Below are some of the tips to consider that you can do in your own way in protecting and taking good care of Mother Nature.


  1. Change the bulbs into LED light bulbs. This is one of the simplest things that we can do in order to help protect the environment from too much destruction. We all know that nowadays, certain developments were made through technological advancement; but along those innovations come side effects to our planets. Therefore, in order to start a more environmentally friendly activity, we can start it through using LED light bulbs in our home. In this manner, we are limiting the emission of gases from these bulbs which would cause the depletion of our ozone layer.

  2. Avoid burning plastics and rubber. This is also another simple thing to do even when you are just home. When cleaning the yard or the whole area of the house, make sure to avoid burning things or garbage that is harmful like plastic cellophanes and any rubber-made material. These materials will emit gases which may be the mere cause of the thickening of the ozone and which will lead to extreme heat in the environment. Instead of burning them, try to recycle these plastics for further use.

  3. Plant more trees. Each live can save the planet and that is through planting trees. Trees are the only agent which will help lessen carbon dioxide in the air and therefore will minimize the extreme heat in the environment. Aside from that, trees help control flash floods.

Using Low Energy Consumption LED Lights Can Make Our Planet Greener

by oth - January 28th, 2013


LED lights are one of the most effective innovations that we can have nowadays. It is good to know that technology is now producing something good that just for the consumers but for the whole environment as well. There is now a global campaign of using these LED lights in houses and even in big buildings and one of the reasons is that it one of the best bulbs which will help you save energy and at the same time help builds Mother Nature.

LED lights are now growing in number and this is also because of the increase demand of consumers all over the world. Thus, when you wish to make use of this low consuming type of light bulbs, then all you have to do is to contact the nearest seller in your place. Bai LED is among the trusted brands that you can consider when you plan to have your own LED lights at home. Aside from that, you can be assured that such brand is also durable and will lost lasts for a couple numbers of hours.

When using LED lights, you need to know first its benefits and what is the reasons behind these bulbs are now among the best selling lights worldwide. Check this out.

  1. LED lights are environment friendly. Most of the LED lights manufacturers would recommend to the public to use this bulb because aside from the fact that it helps you save electricity consumption, LED lights are also among the agents nowadays in order to make our planet greener. One of the reasons of this is that since LED lights consume lesser energy, it will also emit lesser gasses which are dangerous for the ozone layer. The gasses that ordinary incandescent lamps produce are among the main cause of the green house effect. Thus, with LED lights, green house effect is being minimized due to its lesser consumption of energy.
  2. LED lights long last. With these kinds of light bulbs, you are not just saving money for your electric bills, more than that; you are also saving money with your maintenance. Since LED lights last longer, and then you can refrain from buying new bulbs after every month. This is also another good reason why using LED lights is advantageous.

These two reasons are already excellent things to know and thus choosing LED lights is now a must.

Random Animal Cruelty Facts

by oth - December 16th, 2012


Here are eight facts about animal cruelty that would make you reflect about the current situation of most of the wildlife. Perhaps, these could propel you to initiate a change.

  1. In a number of circuses, wild and tropical animals are taught by means of the use of coercion and physical mistreatment. Past circus workers have testified catching sight of animals beaten, belted, stabbed with sharp objects and even charred to drive them to acquire new routines.
  2. Elephants that play in circuses are frequently detained and chained that extends up to 23 hours every single day from the period when they are still babies up to the time that they have fully grown.
  3. Over 25 million vertebrate wildlife animals are exploited in various medical analyses in the United States each year. When invertebrate creatures are moved into the assortment, the projected quantity increases to as towering as 100 million.
  4. By 2022, 22% of all animal classes will be wiped out from the face of the planet if no act is taken.
  5. If you live in, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Rhode Island, Virginia, New York, Oregon, Vermont, or New Jersey, you possess the lawful privilege to rebuff to play a part in dissection in your class. In Louisiana, a State resolution was passed in the light the same concern. In Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Maryland, there are resolutions of their respective Departments of Education in place that permit you to reject to dissect, even if it has not become a law yet.
  6. Cock-fighting and dog fighting are highly unlawful in all 50 states of USA.
  7. It is projected that on the run-of-the-mill, it requires about a thousand of dogs to preserve a medium-sized racecourse process. New greyhounds are recurrently cross the threshold of the system to substitute greyhounds that grade off as a result of wound, oldness or lowly performance. There are presently more than 30 racetracks that are fully operational in the United States.
  8. Four to five million of animals succumb to all causes of death in shelters every year.